Amendment at Full Council for Local Plan

11 October, 2021

Maidstone’s Liberal Democrat Group came to Wednesday's Full Council Local Plan Review meeting, where councillors were asked to consider Maidstone’s housing plan, fully intending to table amendments to remove far reaching last-minute additions. read more

Local Plan Delay follows Tory “Bait and Switch”

20 June, 2021

At the end of last year there was a mad rush to pull forward the schedule for Maidstone's housing plan, to "lock in" the current existing planned housing numbers (already boost by 40% by the government since the original local plan of 2017), before of the government’s announcement on housing poli... read more

Six new official nature reserves for Maidstone

13 April, 2021

Six areas of land in the Borough will be declared official nature reserves by the council. The areas chosen meet strict local criteria and will receive a statutory national designation of the National Parks and Access to Countryside Act 1949 through legal declaration. read more

Lib Dems Progress Mote Park "Park and Pedal" Plan

28 March, 2021

Officers at MBC will draft a report on a “Park and Pedal” facility at the "Park and Ride" site in Mote Park following a request by Cllr Brian Clark, endorsed by Cllr Martin Cox, at this week’s Policy and Resources committee. Cllr Clark explained that there is a paved surface from the “Park and Ri... read more