Lib Dems welcome proposed new payment arrangements for Young Persons Travel Pass

10 February, 2019

After several years of sustained pressure from the Liberal Democrat opposition, Kent County Council has finally agreed to accept monthly payments for the Young Persons Travel Pass (YPTP) in the coming year. This will come a massive relief for parents faced with an inflation-busting £60 increase i...

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Emergency planning report details catastrophic effect of no-deal Brexit on Kent

11 December, 2018

Food supplies disrupted as safety testing becomes impossible Schools, social care, transport and business will face severe disruption County Council forced to spend over £20 million on reinforcing Kent's roads and hundreds of thousands of pounds to employ more staff to cope with chaos

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Lib Dems call for Kent County Council to use at least half of new Government highways repair funds for dangerous pavements.

08 November, 2018

On Monday the Chancellor announced that he was providing £420m extra to councils for pothole and other urgent highways repairs. Kent can expect to receive about £10 million. Kent Liberal Democrat Group are calling for at least half of this extra money to be spent on long overdue pavement repairs....

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