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Town Centre Vision

On the 8th of December we released our vision for Maidstone Town Centre.  To read more and have your say please visit our town centre strategy page.

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In Council

In Council January '24

January saw the continuation of preparing for the 24/25 budget focusing primarily on the Capital Programme from the proposed Medium Term Financial Strategy. 

1 Feb 2024
Tony and vapes

Single use vape ban welcomed

Local Lib Dem health and environment campaigner Councillor Tony Government has welcomed the Government's announcement that disposable vapes are to be banned.

29 Jan 2024

Pop goes £12 million…

£12 million pounds by the reckoning of almost all in Maidstone is not an insignificant sum, and certainly more than tuppenny rice and treacle. However, it took just 27 seconds to cut £12 millions from MBC's Medium Term Financial Strategy.

12 Jan 2024