Tory plans to close Tovil Recycling Centre scrapped

7 Nov 2023
Protestors outside County Hall

Following strong opposition from local Lib Dems and other groups, the horrific plan by Kent County Council to close the Tovil Centre and three others in Kent has been scrapped.

Simon Wales commented, “Our thanks to all those who opposed the scheme and in particular the 1600 people who signed our petition against the closure. In the end even the Conservatives realised it was short sighted and would result in long term problems including a serious risk of increased fly tipping."

Anthony Hook added in an interview with the Kent Messenger: 

“It’s great news but I’ll be advising our campaigners to stay vigilant. I’m not sure we can trust them [those in favour of the proposal].

“I can’t believe that they’ve had a sudden Road to Damascus conversion so they might try to get the closures back in some other form.”

Cllr Richard Conyard who set-up the petition for the Liberal Democrats in Maidstone added: "I am glad that the voices of the public have been heard and grateful for the work done by everyone opposing this.  It should not take the threat of electoral defeat however to do the right thing."