Single use vape ban welcomed

29 Jan 2024
Tony and vapes

Local Lib Dem health and environment campaigner Councillor Tony Government has welcomed the Government's announcement that disposable vapes are to be banned. This long overdue decision follows his more than two years of national and local campaigning (including a petition to Parliament) on the harm this technology inflicts on young people and the environment. Tony was one of the first in the UK to air concerns that disposable vapes are enabling nicotine addiction across a whole new generation of young people, while contaminating our environment with 5 million+ disposable vapes each week! The presence of so many vape shops in the County Town and number of discarded disposable vapes littering our streets and green spaces betray the scale of the problem.

Tony states: "I only wish Government had acted sooner, when the addiction and single use plastic waste problems caused by disposable vapes became obvious in local communities. Continuing:" It was obvious that the cosseted 'Westminster bubble' simply had no idea what was going on in the real world."