Calls to get a grip on HMO parking

16 Feb 2024

Over the last few years Maidstone has seen many Planning applications to subdivide properties in the Urban area, often into House of Multiple Occupation. These often cause serious problems because they do not come with enough parking spaces. The Planning Committee often cannot refuse these because the Council has no relevant policies to require sufficient parking. 

At the Planning Committee meeting on Thursday night Liberal; Democrat Councillor Clive English proposed that the Planning Committee request the Cabinet Member for Planning and Regeneration to commission the work needed to put in place a firm policy to prevent the subdivision and extension of urban properties in areas with inadequate parking. The motion was agreed unanimously.

Clive said: “We need to get a grip on this issue once and for all and commission the work to get the evidence of parking pressure in these areas so that we can finally put policies in place to prevent inappropriate development.”