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North Ward By-Election Victory

Liberal Democrats Gain Maidstone's North Ward from the Conservatives.

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Lib Dems Secure Local Plan

Maidstone Borough Council has adopted a new Local Plan. This document, required by Government, identifies sites for new development, provides some limited local landscape protection, and will facilitate delivery of new infrastructure. The new plan will run until 2031, but is subject to a review i...

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Maidstone's hidden 'grot spots' cleaned-up

Local Lib Dem Councillors were joined by hardy residents on Saturday all braving discarded injecting paraphernalia and human waste to tackle some of Maidstone's most neglected  'grot spots'. Forgotten corners of North, East and Bridge Wards were all blitzed, with an impressive haul of litter and ...

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Maidstone Local Plan

Cllrs Paul Wilby, Brian Clark, Sue Grigg and Derek Mortimer Maidstone Local Plan (framework for development to 2031) Town Hall Vote 25th October 2017   Dear Fellow Residents You may be aware that there has been much debate in the local press recently about the Local Plan and the level of housing ...

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Marks and Spencer announce new superstore for Maidstone

Marks and Spencer has announced that they are seeking to provide a new superstore with 60,000 sq. ft. of sales space and 300 car parking spaces, at Eclipse Park (former Newnham Court Farm) in Maidstone. It will be sited on the same area as the previously approved Waitrose store.

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