Zeina Toric-Azad

E-Mail [email protected]


Zeina Toric-Azad has been chosen by the Maidstone & The Weald Liberal Democrats Party to stand in North Downs Ward of Maidstone Borough Council. Fortunately, she can truly say that she lives and works in the Ward which she cares so much about. With a long history in volunteering and working with families and marginalized communities, Zeina firmly believes in serving and uniting the community around her.

Zeina writes on women’s rights, politics, the legal system and social issues. She has a BA Honours in Comparative Literature from the University of Essex. As an accomplished political journalist who has interviewed Heads of State and UN officials while also advocating for women’s rights, you can be sure that communicating with her residents will be one of her priorities.

A seasoned corporate consultant, she’s been running her family’s executive training company. Zeina cares deeply about fair employment schemes, small business support, environmental rights and sustainable public transport, and is also an active community leader who has helped women around the world have access to free legal aid, mental and reproductive health assistance and safe online spaces. 

Zeina lives at the very top of the North Downs Ward in Stockbury village - where she spends her free time taking care of her fruit trees and setting up her potager’s garden. 

You can find her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram