Will your home be affected by the Tory ‘dementia tax’?

Tory social care plans show callousness towards hardworking citizens.

The Tories are proposing that elderly people receiving social care will be required to fund the entire cost out of the value of their own home and assets, until all but their last £100,000 is left.

As Theresa May has made clear herself, today’s manifesto meltdown changes nothing.

The ‘dementia tax’ means that you, your parents and your grandparents, enter into a lottery - if you or they get ill and need social care, the cost of at-home care currently met by the state and taxes you have paid, will now not be covered. Instead it will be clawed back from the sale of your home after death. This will hit millions of people.

The Tories today refused to tell us the maximum ‘dementia tax’ people would have to pay, or that those with long-term illnesses who need treatment in the home would not pay more.

Many people I have spoken to in the past few days are scared by the uncertainty of the Tories’ plans for social care

But there is an alternative:

As the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald, I, Emily Fermor, am committed to protecting the elderly and the infirm. I am determined to fight this cruel ‘dementia tax’.

Only the Liberal Democrats will give social care the extra funding it needs, properly and fairly funded with a penny on income tax to pay for it.

Vote Emily Fermor, Liberal Democrat, for a fairer future for you and your family on June 8th.

You can back our campaign to stop the dementia tax.

P.S. The Tories are threatening to means-test winter fuel allowances too, and they have no idea how many pensioners will be affected.

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