Water refill scheme

In a bid to reduce single-use plastic this week the Liberal Democrat councillors supported the installation of three new water refill stations for public use. 

Cllr Denise Joy member for High Street ward called for a report on the initiative to better understand the benefits to the public.

Councillors heard that the new refill stations would enable residents and visitors to fill reusable bottles with free water.

The aim is to promote waste reduction and reuse, encouraging the public to purchase less single-use plastic bottles, which in turn will reduce them being disposed of or littered.  The modern water stations will also be more hygienic than the old style.  The new scheme will be monitored and if it proves to be popular then other stations will be introduced. 

The chairman of the committee Liberal Democrat councillor Derek Mortimer commented:

The scheme not only reduces litter and waste but also provides health benefits for our residents and visitors as we are all regularly encouraged to drink more water during the day as opposed to sugary drinks”. 

The scheme was unanimously supported by all councillors and installation of the new water stations will start soon.