Upper Stone Street Area Anti Congestion Measures agreed

Proposals to reduce congestion and make improvements in the Air Quality in the Upper Stone Street area are moving forward.

At the meeting of the Borough Council's Strategic Planning and Infrastructure Committee on 7th October proposals put forward by Clive English and Brian Clark were agreed. 

The measures include new traffic regulations to prevent careless parking, bringing traffic flows in Upper Stone Street to a shuddering halt and often leading to gridlock in South Maidstone. The call for additional tree planting has been answered with six new trees, chosen for their benefit to air quality, planned to replace a single tree. Traffic flows and the potential for one-way schemes will also be reviewed in a number of the side roads to reduce traffic conflicts. These measures are aimed to improve air quality along the Stone Street corridor.

The proposals will now go forward to be considered by the Joint Transport Board for Maidstone on 14th October. If implemented successfully the measures may be extended to Palace Avenue and Lower Stone Street.