South Ward Survey

Your opinion matters

And we are here to listen!

As your local Councillors we are always talking to members of our community to find out what matters to them and what we can do to help.  With thousands of residents in South Ward talking to all of you on a regular basis is an impossibility.  We do wish to hear from you and what matters to you so we can do our best for you.  Please could you take 5 minutes to complete the below survey so we can focus our efforts on what matters most to those residents in South Ward.



If you have a specific issue then please feel free to contact us directly.

For matters involving Maidstone Borough Council, including (although not exclusively), Fly-Tipping, Litter, Abandoned Vehicles, Dead Animals, Dogs Mess, Graffiti, Damaged or Missing Street signs, Planning, Green spaces, Council Tax, Anti-Social Behaviour your local Borough Councillors are:

We are here to help you, so please do get in-touch.