Sittingbourne Road - Safety Improvements

An updated on the road improvements in Sittingbourne Road.

Additional dropped kerbs along the footpath at Windsor Close have now been installed.

Progress is onging in relation to other works. Both KCC and the police have agreed to the extension of the 30mph limit from Tudor Avenue up to the Chiltern Hundreds Roundabout. The aim is to slow vehicles approaching the roundabout and vehicles travelling to the town from the Roundabout. A site meeting has been held in Sittingbourne Road to discuss positioning of a new Speed Indicator Device from the town towards the Chiltern Hundreds looking at suitable sites and signage and officers are now progressing design prior to going through the statutory process for formal approval.

County Councillor Ian Chittenden commented, "Changes and improvements to roads can be frustratingly slow because of the time taken to go through the required processes, but we are getting there slowly and I will continue to push this initiative forward."