While Brian and I continue to raise a wide range of highways problems with KCC, problems with concrete roads in particular are clearly reoccurring due to long term neglect.

Over time, especially following winter weather, the surfacing on concrete roads erodes and cracks develop, leading to a cycle of breakdown. Separately, with erosion, the remaining shingle at the surface becomes polished which substantially affects grip, reducing road safety.

As Kent Highways is working through a plan of resurfacing in Maidstone at this time, we have raised the concerns with your roadway and requested that it be be included in this major road repair program.

Sadly, while still accepting our individual pothole requests, KCC has refused to progress resurfacing at this time as it does not consider the resurfacing of concrete roadways to have sufficient priority in their works program (citing surface decay to be predominantly visual rather than safety impacting).

It is our view that resurfacing should gain an increased priority, as this would not only bring an immediate benefit to road safety, proper maintenance will actually save public funds in the long run.

If you agree, please share your thoughts with us: