Raising development standards

Councillor Clive English, Chairman of the Planning Committee reports that while the focus has inevitably been on housing sites within the Review of the Plan Local  a serious effort is underway within the Council to raise the quality of developments within Maidstone with preliminary work being undertaken to look at standards for Electric Vehicle Points, Renewable Energy, External Space Standards, Water Efficiency, Vernacular (Local) Design, and Biodiversity amongst other issues. The Council is also looking at ways to bring forward more innovative types of development and developers such as Smaller Local Companies and Co-Housing Projects.

Clive said. "The current Local Plan had to be put in place quickly to provide some protection from uncontrolled development, but focused unavoidably on Housing and Employment Allocations. Now we need  both through the Local Plan Review and  other Policy documents  to do more to improve the quality of the developments built in Maidstone."