Maidstone Lib Dems Secure Protection of the Medway Valley

In a packed town hall meeting on Tuesday night the Borough Council’s Strategic Planning Sustainability and Transportation Committee unanimously agreed to designate the Medway Valley area, including Fant Farm, as a Landscape of Local Value within the emerging Maidstone Local Plan.

At the same meeting, the Committee once again confirmed the removal of Fant Farm from the list of proposed housing sites within the emerging Local Plan, resisting a proposal from a developer to reinstate the site for housing.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Clive English who proposed the recommendation to designate the Medway Valley as an Area of Local Landscape Importance said “This designation is vital to protect the Medway Valley and in particular Fant Farm from housing development, especially as there is a likelihood of a an attempt to gain planning permission in the near future”.

Liberal Democrat campaigner Rosaline Janko welcomed the Committee’s decision and the support of all the Lib Dem committee members for the extra protection needed to safeguard the Medway Valley for the local community.

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