Postal Votes Deliver Results

The Government has now confirmed that both the Borough Council and County Council elections will take place on the 6th May 2021. You can take advantage of Postal Voting to make a difference in these elections and make your voice heard.

Download Postal Vote Forms


Democratic and Electoral Services Team

Maidstone House

King Street

ME15 6JQ


Many residents already use Postal Voting and with the uncertainties surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, especially concerning self- distancing, you may also wish to consider doing the same.

This method of voting is safe, convenient and secure.

Should you decide to request a postal vote simply complete the enclosed form in black ink and send it back to the Borough Council who will be managing both elections, using the addressed envelope provided and using a stamp.

Taking this simple step will mean that whatever is happening next May you will be able to have your say in both the Borough and County Council elections.

Your Lib Dem Councillors work all year round to improve local services and infrastructure and continue the fight to preserve our natural environment against the Conservative Government’s unrealistic demands for more and more housing.

Your vote will make a difference.