Plan for 6 House Loose Road Garden Development Rejected

A back garden housing scheme for 6 homes at 466 Loose Road has been rejected by Maidstone Borough Council’s Planning committee following a proposal for refusal made by Cllr Brian Clark. At the meeting Cllr Clark agued that the plan was contrary to the North Loose Residents Association’s adopted Neighbourhood Plan, the Loose Road Character Assessment Special Planning Document, Maidstone's Local Plan and National policies. He followed by making a proposal to refuse based on the cramped form of development which would result in 6 houses shoehorned into the space and the lack of ability to screen the housing with good quality structural landscaping to reduce the impact on neighbours. The proposal was supported by all members except one who abstained.
Cllr Clark said later, “The NLRA had gone to great lengths to address garden development in its adopted neighbourhood plan and this application clearly did not meet these requirements or Maidstone’s local plan policies. These include having a demonstrable local need, the absence of harm to local character, the maintenance of privacy and no significant disturbance from traffic - noise from vehicle movements within the site would clearly be heard in neighbouring gardens”
Cllr Mortimer added, “While five bungalows were proposed for the garden area, the land is higher than surrounding properties so the impact on neighbours would have been similar to these being two storey houses. Local residents will be familiar with this site as initially a plan was submitted for 11 houses which included knocking down one side of a semi-detached houses pair - this is the last in a long line of refusals at the site”

The Council hereby REFUSES Outline Planning Permission for the above for the following


(1) By virtue of the number of units proposed and with limited scope for structural landscaping, the proposal would result in a cramped form of development which would have an unacceptable impact on the character and appearance of the area contrary to policy DM11 of the Maidstone Borough Local Plan 2017, policy HD1 of the North Loose Neighbourhood Development Plan (2016) and the Loose Road Character Area Assessment Supplementary Planning Document (2008).