Peter Lewis

E-Mail [email protected]


Peter was born in Gravesend as part of a military family, and after spending his youth in various locations in England and Europe returned to Kent for his schooling. He has a degree in Mathematics working primarily as a management Accountant and Finance Manager, also running his own business for 10 years.

He has lived in Coxheath for six years and now lives in Linton where he is a member of the Parish Council. He has been actively supporting Richard Webb and the Lib Dem team for the last 4 years.

He strongly opposes further development in Coxheath and Hunton Ward believing the remaining countryside should be protected. He considers the current Government demands on Maidstone to be totally unreasonable, leading to excessive congestion increasingly in the main villages, and on the approach to Maidstone from the South of the town. His other main concern are the continuing delay to the improvements to the Linton Crossroads and the slow progess being made to achieve the new NHS facility promised for Heath Road.

My priorities will be (if elected):