Paul Wilby


Paul Wilby

South Ward

Address 11 Fieldfare Drive,
ME15 6XL
Phone 07949 769276
E-Mail [email protected]



Paul moved to Tovil in 2003 and after previously serving in the Royal Engineers, has worked in the rail industry as a signalling engineer. He still lives locally with his young family and his children attend local schools.

Paul is an active member of the community, joining Tovil Parish Council many years ago and currently serving as Chairman. During his time at the parish, Paul has established the neighbourhood plan working group. The plan, which includes input from the whole community, is now nearing completion and will serve to protect the parish from speculative housing development and preserve the character of Tovil. Paul became an elected borough councillor five years ago and serves on the Planning Committee and Maidstone’s Joint Transport Board.

With a passion for enhancing green space and countryside stewardship, Paul was encouraged to stand for Chairman of Hayle Park Nature reserve. In this role has worked with fellow trustees to expand the boundaries of the reserve, recently gaining the 30-acre former landfill site from MBC, and successfully gaining charity status for the trust, a major benefit for future fundraising.

As part of his focus on increasing local biodiversity Paul has initiated many tree planting activities in the reserve and in south ward more widely, most recently a 1000 tree whip scheme in South Park.

Paul comments,

"I have and will continue working to make South Ward a better place for all its residents, increase the tree cover in the urban and rural areas, improve air quality and fight to protect and enhance our green spaces for the benefit of wildlife and the enjoyment of residents."

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