Passionate about Fant Ward

Rosaline knows that many of you are passionate about the issues that affect our local area and she would like to know more about your concerns in Fant. Here are just 3 issues which have been raised in the past couple of weeks:


Clare Park is a gem. It is well used by residents of all ages and enjoys the coveted Green Flag status. Parks need the support of the local community if they are to continue to be maintained and nurtured for the future. Clare Park has been well supported by a group of friends but more people need to join this group. Can you help?

Many people are fed up waiting for buses which are all too often late or cancelled. Would more people be prepared to take the bus if we had more frequent and more reliable services from the heart of Fant to town and back?

Everyone knows there are too many cars in much of Fant and not enough parking places but finding an effective solution is difficult. What are your views?