Park and Ride Update

Thank you to the many residents who have signed our petition to try and save our valued Park and Ride service.  If you haven't had a chance to sign please read more and sign.



At a meeting held in secrecy behind closed doors, the new Conservative administration at Maidstone Council voted to close the Park and Ride against strong opposition from Liberal Democrats and members from the smaller groups.


The Park and Ride service was working well before Covid came into our lives and seeing improved usage in recent months. Due to the secretive nature of the decision wild speculation has appeared in public about the usage levels and the bridging costs requested to keep the service running after February until numbers return to normal. 

We feel this is a short-sighted move and once gone we will never get it back.  The service keeps car numbers down in the town centre, as well as assisting to our local economy and improving our air quality. There is also the fear that both sites could become potential housing development sites if they fall into disuse.

Liberal Democrat members were due to present the petition to the committee at the Town Hall this Wednesday the 22nd.  However, due to the increase in Covid cases, this meeting has now been rescheduled to Wednesday 19th of January.

It is clear from the responses to the petition that residents across the Borough find this a valuable service.  Please help us use this delay productively and share the petition with your friends and neighbours to give us the best chance of saving this service.

Reacting to the news that the meeting of the Council’s Policy and Resources Committee had been postponed until January 19th Clive English leader of the Liberal Democrat Group said: "We hope that the Council will take the longer time available due to the postponement of the meeting to reflect seriously. Whilst it is all very well taking a decision on an important service based on a short term shortfall of revenue amid unusual circumstances affecting all public transport operators it will be very hard to change that decision once made. Once the Park and Ride service is closed it will be gone for good."

We will continue to keep you updated as usual on this and other matters affecting our Borough