Dan Daley Welcomes New GP Surgery For Allington

The West Kent CCG has now confirmed that The College Practice will be opening a new branch in Allington following the closure of the two existing Allington GP surgeries at the end of May. The new surgery will take over the premises currently used by Allington Clinic.

The College Practice is currently based in College Road, Maidstone and has a branch in Marigold Way, Barming. Patients registered with the practice will be able to visit any of the three surgeries.

The CCG has advised that that all residents living within the Allington Ward who are currently registered with the Allington Park Surgery and Allington Clinic will transfer to the new Allington Branch of The College Practice. The transfer will be handled automatically so there will be no need for patients to re-register. The CCG intends to write to all affected patients in the coming week.

This appears to be a very good outcome”, says local councillor, Dan Daley. “It is vitally important that the provision of GP facilities within walking distance for Allington residents has been continued.”