Maidstone Hospital Bed Shortages

Emily Fermor: Local Lib Dems FOI request reveals bed shortages in Maidstone Hospital have risen by over 50% on 2016 total, just five months into 2017

Emily Fermor, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald, has exposed Maidstone Hospital bed shortages.

Local Lib Dems issued a Freedom of Information Request to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust.

It revealed that at Maidstone Hospital the total number of surgeries cancelled due to bed availability rose from 12 in 2015, to 15 in 2016, and 31 in 2017. It showed an increase of over 50% from 2016, just five months into 2017. Since 2015 there have been 58 scheduled surgeries cancelled due to bed shortages.

Emily Fermor, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Maidstone and the Weald, commented on the figures:

“I have experienced first-hand the pain caused to patients and their families of bed shortages in Maidstone Hospital. In February this year, my elderly Granddad who is battling bowel cancer, was left in a corridor in Maidstone Hospital overnight after he had been admitted to A&E.

“Despite the tireless hard work of our NHS staff, he did not get the urgent treatment he needed because there were not enough beds available.

“My Granddad is not the only one. Our Freedom of Information request has revealed that 31 people so far this year had their surgeries cancelled because there were not enough beds available, that’s an increase of 50% on the 2016 total.

“Urgent funds are needed for Maidstone NHS. The Liberal Democrat policy of putting a penny on income tax to plug funding gaps for the NHS and social care, would raise £30 million extra funding for NHS West Kent CCG, and £52.4 million extra funding for social care in Kent.

“The Liberal Democrats are prepared to be honest with people and say that to secure the future of the NHS we will all need to chip in a little more.

“A penny in the pound would allow us to invest in improving local NHS services in Kent and ensuring the elderly receive the care they deserve.

“This Conservative government has left our health and care services chronically underfunded - and while the crisis gets worse they just don't seem to care.

"We cannot continue asking the system to deliver more and more, without giving it the resources to do so.”

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