Maidstone Community Mela 2019 Sun 14th July

Maidstone Community Mela has been celebrated in Maidstone since 2003. The event brings all communities together and binds together by celebrating it with the music, dance, food and arts from home as well as around the world. Cllr. Dinesh Khadka has been involved with the Mela have been involved with the Mela since the beginning of the event same as other local Lib Dem councillors who have been supporting and promoting the event.

The Mela word signifies the social gather alike fete’.  This event is a family event and entry is free which starts at 12.30 on Sun 14th July at the Whatman Millennium Park.

There will be an exciting programme of culturally diverse acts performing on and off stage including Ukulear Fallout, the Maidstone Nepalese Community Group, the Maidstone Malayalee Group, Phase 5 Steel Band, Folkin Fusion Drumming Collective, Kitka Bulgarian Folk Dance, rap act Bando Black as well as the Chinese Dancing Lions.