Litter, Litter and More Litter

"One of the issues that local residents keep mentioning to me is litter. It is a problem that affects most of Fant. One notable exception is Clare Park; it has plenty of litter bins and is regularly cleaned. It well deserves its Green Flag status. So why is the rest of Fant so neglected?"


"There are hardly any bins in our main thoroughfares such as Upper Fant Road and Milton Street. Why not? What few bins there are don’t get emptied often enough so rubbish accumulates round them or, worse, gets blown down the street. Surely, we can do better than that. 

I will be pressing the Borough Council to install more bins in our area and to ensure that they are emptied regularly. Perhaps then more people will use them.

 Let’s restore some of the pride in our neighbourhood and get the litter off our streets." 

Rosaline Janko