Lib Dems to lead scrutiny

We are pleased to announce that Cllr Clive English has been elected to chair the Council's new Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

The committee's primary responsibilities are somewhat different from previous incarnations under the Council's previous Cabinet and Overview/Scrutiny System Pre-2014 as pre decision Scrutiny of proposals by the Cabinet will now be done by the new Policy Advisory Committees aligned to Cabinet Portfolio's.  The new Committee will focus on undertaking major reviews of areas of the Council's work or other areas of significant public interest and holding the Cabinet to account for decisions via Post decision scrutiny. The Committee will continue in its role as the Council's Crime and Disorder Panel.  

The  new Committee will have a challenging role as it seeks to address some of the most pressing issues in the Borough but will strive to put  the residents of Maidstone at the centre of all of its considerations.

Cllr English said"Whilst we would not have chosen to go back to the Cabinet System. There are some advantages in an Overview and Scrutiny Committee that is prepared to take its role seriously and work on a non-partisan basis to improve our Borough As Chairman I will seek to build a consensus for 
addressing some of the pressing issues facing Maidstone."

At the Committee's first meeting on Tuesday 21st a detailed and in-depth discussion by Councillors from all parties agreed to scope 4 areas to bring forward for inclusion in the work Programme for the year:   Public safety and Enforcement, The Water Cycle  (supply and disposal of), the Council's waste strategy and health inequality.:

This does not preclude additional items from being added through the year, but put a focus on those where most benefit to Borough residents could be achieved.