Lib Dems Support Major Change in Maidstone’s Parking Policy to Address Climate Change

Members of Maidstone’s Strategic Planning Committee have taken a bold step to address climate change by encouraging the use of Electric Vehicles. The measure to make parking for Electric Vehicles free in Maidstone Borough Council Car Parks received strong support. Lib Dems urged the committee to support the measure but, after officers informed that a smartphone app was needed, felt more was needed to ensure all electric car owners will also be able to access the benefit.


Free parking for electric vehicles from April

Supporting the proposal Councillor Clive English said it was a time to "stop producing hot air in Council Meetings and to start making a significant contribution to the reduction of global warming and to take action to cut pollution and improve public health". Councillor Brian Clark, in supporting the proposal, made a request that officers develop ways in which no electric vehicle owner is excluded, which the committee accepted. Cllr Clark said, “We desperately need to improve air quality in Maidstone and reduce global warming but our policies should not discriminate against residents without smart phones. I’m delighted members accepted this point"