Lib Dems Progress Mote Park "Park and Pedal" Plan

Officers at MBC will draft a report on a “Park and Pedal” facility at the "Park and Ride" site in Mote Park following a request by Cllr Brian Clark, endorsed by Cllr Martin Cox, at this week’s Policy and Resources committee. Cllr Clark explained that there is a paved surface from the “Park and Ride” facility to the park entrance at Mote Avenue, where a cycle lane continues towards the town, minimising the cost of implementation.

Cllr Clark commented, “I had originally requested this when my safety recommendations, to the Mote Avenue cycle lane on entry to the park, were adopted”. He continued, "With KCC’s ability to provide £21,300 for the Canterbury operation, we clearly need a fully costed paper to gain member approval and county support, ahead of further rounds of funding. Let’s face it, we are in a time when fully worked up schemes get the money"


Cllr Martin Cox, chairing the committee agreed, “Committee later endorsed a paper which highlighted the site in Canterbury, which is similar to our aspiration for Mote Park. I agreed with this addition to the work program, as it will provide a significant benefit for relatively small spend. Beyond those that bring their own cycles, we are also exploring cycle rental to broaden options for users of the site and residents in the vicinity”


Background: In discussion, Cllr Clark drew attention to a scheme in Canterbury referred to by the Kent and Medway “Energy and Low Emissions Strategy” which members later endorsed, That scheme, which has recorded 1,200 journeys from July 2018 to January 2019, was largely funded by a £21,300 grant from KCC. At that site, where parking is free, cyclists pay a £15 deposit for a keycard for secure storage. This encourages travel to and from the city centre by cycle, reducing congestion and improving air quality.