Jubilee School

"Many people have asked for my views on the Jubilee School. We know that more primary school places will be needed in West Maidstone in the coming years. My own children are grown up now, but I understand the importance of our children going to good schools, places where they can really enjoy the whole school experience."


"Gatland House is not a suitable place for this school. The site is about a fifth of the size of other new schools being built in Kent. Children need space where they can play in safety; borrowing playing fields from Bower Grove School when that school doesn’t need them won’t work. We also know that this school will attract pupils from all over Maidstone so it needs proper off-road provision for parking for parents as well as staff.

The Maidstone Planning Committee has a difficult job as any decision they make has to be robust; otherwise it will be simply overturned by a planning inspector.  I will ensure that the members of the Borough Planning Committee are fully aware of and take account of the justified concerns of local residents."


Rosaline Janko