Maidstone to get friendlier fireworks

At the meeting of the Communities Housing & Environment Committee on Tuesday chaired by Lib Dem Cllr Derek Mortimer the committee voted unanimously to adopt the RSPCA guidance for councils with regard to fireworks and displays.

Derek said ''The RSPCA has been lobbying councils to help reduce the negative impact of loud fireworks on pets and animals so I was pleased to get this onto the agenda for Maidstone. Fireworks are enjoyable but they do impact upon animals and some vulnerable people and as a dog owner myself I have experienced first hand the stress that pets go through at certain times of the year and I am very pleased the committee fully supported the adoption of the RSPCA campaign”.

By adopting the guidance the council will promote the advertising of public displays so residents can take precautions. Also promote a public awareness campaign at relevant points in the year about the impact of fireworks. The council will also write to the UK government asking them to legislate to limit the maximum noise level to 90dB for fireworks sold to the public for private displays, as well as involving trading standards on the sale of the type of fireworks sold.