Fant Ward Survey Results

Rosaline Janko is very grateful for the many interesting and informative responses to the recent Liberal Democrat survey in Fant. In a number of instances the Liberal Democrat team have referred the issues raised to the appropriate Borough Council and County Council departments. We hope that some of these problems will be resolved in the near future although it may take a little longer to find satisfactory solutions for some of the other issues raised. Here is a brief snapshot of the comments received on three key topics – parking, Clare Park and the number 8/86 bus service.


1. Parking
Following our recent survey we have had a large number of comments and suggestions from local residents concerning both general parking and traffic issues and the working of the resident’s parking scheme in particular. These cover issues as diverse as parking on pavements and on dangerous bends and the hours of operation of the Parking Scheme. Many residents were concerned about the placement of yellow lines and parking bays and have made specific proposals for changes.
Additionally considerable concern has been expressed that the Council needs to ensure that residential developments, including extensions and conversions do not take place without adequate off-street car parking being provided.
Rosaline said “We have already begun to discuss the specific suggestions made by local residents with Parking Services and the Borough Planning department and will be writing directly to residents in the streets where problems and possible solutions have been highlighted to update people on progress.”
2. Clare Park
Responses from local residents to our recent survey show that Clare Park is greatly valued by local residents and the hard work that goes into maintaining it is appreciated.  Hopefully this widespread support will allow the relaunch of the Friends of Clare Park to be sucessful. If you are interested in more information about the Friends please contact Rosaline.
3. Bus Services
A large majority of bus users who responded to our recent survey are concerned about the irregular and unreliable service on the 8/86 service. To a large extent this appears to be caused by the operator trying to get a large double decker vehicle through streets that are simply not suitable. There have also been a number of problems with services that were not just late, but did not run at all. Rosaline said “We will be taking up the concerns of local residents regarding the problems with the local bus service with Arriva and are seeking to persuade them to run more frequent and appropriately sized buses on this route.”