Executive Members

Executive committee for the Year 2018/19 – voting members  



Chris Sutton-Mattocks Hill House, 46 Town Hill, West Malling, Kent, ME19 6QN   



Vice President:

Dorothy Weedon 56 Bower Mount Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8AU

01622 756104   

Email: daw@bowermount.plus.com



Ray Yorke  44 Blythe Road, Maidstone,  Kent, ME15 7TS

01622 673346                                               

Email: rayyorke44@gmail.com


Vice Chairman:

Ian Chittenden  2 Blakeney Close, Bearsted, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 4QF

01622 630867                                         

Email: Ian.Gills@btinternet.com





Nick Mackett  184 Scotney Gardens, St. Peter’s Street, Maidstone, ME16 0GT

Email: nick184scotney@gmail.com

Membership Secretary:

Jane Bird  Parsonage Farm House, Yalding, ME18 6HG 

Email: janebird01@gmail.com

Data Officer:

Jane Bird  Parsonage Farm House, Yalding, ME18 6HG 

Email: janebird01@gmail.com


Maidstone PPC:

James Willis  

Email: jameswillis322@btinternet.com



Hannah Perkin  

Email: hannah@favlibdems.com



Directly elected:

Cynthia Robertson, 16 Ernest Drive, Allington, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0QS

01622 753517                                          

Email: cyn4mal@gmail.com


Directly elected: 

Graham Edy  44 Roseholme, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8DR

01622 757578                                        

Email: gedy@cix.co.uk


Directly Elected:

Adrian Ellis, Iden Farmhouse, Heath Road, Boughton Monchelsea, Maidstone, ME17 4JE      

01622 745497                        

Email: adrian.ellis2@hotmail.com


Directly Elected: Ashleigh Kimmance, 4 Nicolas Close, Maidstone, ME16 9PN

Email: ashleigh4heathward@gmail.com





Allington Ward rep

Alan Cocks  83 Shaftesbury Drive, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0JR

01622 761004                                                        

Email: alan.cocks@o2.co.uk


Bridge Ward rep:

David Pickett 140 Bower Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0DL

01622 676776                                            

Email: dspickett@talktalk.net


East Ward rep:

John Featherstone Coachman’s Cottage, Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 5JD      

01622 758740                          

Email: feathjohn@googlemail.com


Fant Ward rep:

Fran Smith, 14 Pitt Road, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 8PA

01622 720623                                               

Email: fransmith@talktalk.net


Heath Ward Rep:

James Willis   07838 103350        

Email: jameswillis322@btinternet.com


Marden & Yalding Ward rep:

Graham Minter Ringlestone, Goudhurst Road, Marden, Tonbridge, Kent, TN12 9JY

01622 832238                               

Email: gpminter@aol.com


North Ward rep:

Andrew Cockersole   24 Peel Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 2SA

07970 996073                                        

Email: acockersole@yahoo.co.uk


Group Leader: Kent County Council Group Reps (2):

Rob Bird, Parsonage Farmhouse, Hampstead Lane, Yalding, ME18 6HG  

Email: robbird.home@gmail.com


Group Leader: Maidstone Borough Council Rep:

Martin Cox 66 College Avenue, Maidstone, Kent, ME15 6SJ

07970 723975                                        

Email: martincarox@me.com


Councillors Ex Officio:

Dan Daley  9 Frinstead Walk, Allington, Maidstone, Kent, ME16 0NN

01622 672459                                          

Email: dandaley@maidstone.gov.uk


Diana Lewins   33a Melford Drive Maidstone Kent ME16 0UN

01622 766075                                                 

Email: dianajoylewins@aol.com


Georgia Harvey 3 St Andrew’s Park, Tarragon Road Maidstone Kent ME16 0WD

07717 448878                                        

Email: Georgia.14@btinternet.com


Richard Webb 26 Westerhill Road Coxheath Maidstone Kent     ME14 9DH

01622 746716                                        

Email: richard4coxheath@gmail.com


Nicola Fissenden 70 Holland Road Maidstone Kent ME14 1UT

01622 755494                                        

Email: nikkifizz@btinernet.com


Bryan Vizzard 1 St. Andrews Close, Barming, Maidstone ME16 9LP

01622 720800                                 

Email: bcvizzard@virgin.net


Denise Joy  32 Lower Road, Maidstone, Kent ME15 7RG

01622 674063                              

Email: denisejoy@maidstone.gov.uk


Clive English, c/o Maidstone Borough Council, Maidstone House, King Street, Maidstone ME16 6JQ                        

Email: cliveenglish@hotmail.com


Dinesh Khadka   41 Gleneagles Drive, Tovil  ME15 6FH

Email: dkhadka024@yahoo.co.uk


Sue Grigg 2 Old Loose Close Loose Maidstone Kent ME15 0BJ

01622 749867                               

Email: sue-grigg@tiscali.co.uk


Tony Harwood  22 Littlebourne Road, Vinters Park, Maidstone ME14 5QP

01622 677578                               

Email: tonyharwood@maidstone.gov.uk


Michelle Hastie 184 Boxley Road Penenden Heath Maidstone Kent ME14 2HG

07729 573367                                        

Email: michelle.hastie@hotmail.co.uk


Brian Clark  83 Boughton Lane Maidstone Kent ME15 9QP

01622 741138                                        

Email: b_e_clark@yahoo.com


Derek Mortimer  6 The Tail Race Tovil Green Maidstone Kent, ME15 6YL

07825 916930                                             

Email: derekmortimer@ymail.com               

Paul Wilby 11 Fieldfare Drive Maidstone ME16 6XL

07949 768276                                        

Email: paulwilby1978@hotmail.com



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