Essay Competition

As part of the Federal Policy Committee’s 'Agenda 2020’ review of the Liberal Democrats’ beliefs, values and approach, we are announcing an essay competition, open to any party member.

We invite you to submit an essay on the topic of ‘What does it mean to be a Liberal Democrat today?’ Essays should be no more than 1,000 words in length; the deadline is 2 November.

What your essay says is of course entirely up to you, but we want this discussion to be wider than just individual policies (though if you think it’s crucial for the party to develop policy in any particular area as a demonstration of our core beliefs, of course you should say so). This is also not a discussion about party strategy or organisation or internal structures. We want to focus on and discuss what we mean when we say ‘I am a Liberal Democrat’ - what we believe, what we think is important, and what underlies our support for or opposition to specific policies. 

Shortlisted essays will be voted on by the party membership. The winner of the competition will have their essay published on the party website (and, we hope, in Ad Lib) and receive a copy of John Stuart Mill’s ‘On Liberty’, signed by the party leader.

The 'Agenda 2020’ exercise includes the FPC's consultation paper you can download here, a set of commissioned essays (to be published in September), two consultation sessions at the autumn conference, and, we hope, discussions and debates throughout the party.

To submit your essay, please click here.