East Ward

East Ward covers those communities in the northeastern part of the County Town. Many of these were developed during the 20th Century on the landscaped parklands which formerly characterised this part of Maidstone. A legacy of beautiful old trees and relic woodland blocks are the ghosts of long-lost Foley and Vinters Park. The northernmost extent of the ward comprises land which once formed historic Penenden Heath, one of the most significant meeting places in all England. The setting of historic trials, royal decrees, civil uprisings, military encampments, Civil War skirmishes and brutal executions, only fragments of this once extensive heathland and ancient woodland remain, framing the recreation ground and play area. A grant-funded ‘History Garden’ has been established near the tennis courts which interprets the long and often grim history of ‘The Heath’.

East Ward is a popular residential neighbourhood, close to the town centre, yet well-located for rail and road, out of town shopping and still remarkably green and wildlife-friendly, with many beautiful trees, hedgerows and open spaces. The skyline to the north of the ward is dominated by the imposing scarp slope of the Kent Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a nationally protected landscape.

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Campaign Successes

Local Lib Dems initiated and led the long campaign to protect what is now the Vinters Valley Park Nature Reserve from serial multiple development threats and proposed its designation as Local Nature Reserve.

Local Lib Dems have successfully campaigned for measures to improve pedestrian and driver safety measures across East Ward. These include controlled pedestrian crossings on Sittingbourne and Bearsted Roads, traffic lights at the junction of Holland Road / Well Road, Wheeler Street, pedestrian refuges in Boxley Road, variable speed limits between junctions 6 and 7 of the M20, zebra crossings in Snowdon Avenue and Penenden Heath, Boxley and Hampton Roads.

Local Lib Dems have successfully defended the remaining green space at Penenden Heath, proposed and delivered grant funding for a History Garden and achieved policy changes to better protect local landscape and wildlife.

Lib Dems have promoted and achieved improvements to our local play areas and green spaces over many years.


Ongoing Campaign

Local Lib Dems are leading the fight to protect the quality of life of residents from the challenges posed by the Government’s massive and unsustainable development plans, which are causing gridlock and polluting our area and threatening our precious green spaces and wildlife.

Local Lib Dems have long been at the vanguard of the battle to drive down local greenhouse gas emissions, ensure our communities and landscape are resilient to climate change and stem the collapse in our wildlife populations. We have achieved miracles in terms of driving energy efficiency and renewable energy generation against a backdrop of a systematic weakening by successive Governments of local planning powers.

Local Lib Dems have consistently defended the most vulnerable in our society in every way we possibly can. The unfolding pandemic has seen this advocacy on behalf of our children, the older generation and people with a disability or underlying health issues made even more challenging.    

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Latest news in east ward

Maidstone’s hopes for fast City service dashed

27 January, 2021

Earlier this week the Kent County Council Cabinet agreed a new Rail Strategy for Kent. Although the strategy repeated the long term ambition of bringing Thameslink to Maidstone, the County Council has now stated that that it would support the introduction of a service terminating at London Blackf... read more

Cycle lane fiasco must not be repeated

16 January, 2021

Councillors have welcomed the proposal withdrawal of the ill-judged temporary cycle lanes in Maidstone’s King Street.  But Liberal Democrats have insisted that any similar scheme in the future should be subject to full consultation and proper consideration of the needs of all road users. read more

Raising development standards

08 December, 2020

Councillor Clive English, Chairman of the Planning Committee reports that while the focus has inevitably been on housing sites within the Review of the Plan Local  a serious effort is underway within the Council to raise the quality of developments within Maidstone with preliminary work being und... read more

Liberal Democrats welcome improvements to Town Centre road schemes

16 October, 2020

Over the last few weeks, Lib Dem councillors on both Maidstone Borough Council and Kent County Council have been responding to residents’ concerns about the new cycling measures in King Street and the pedestrianisation scheme in Earl Street.  KCC had to install these schemes very hastily to compl... read more

Essential Road works B2012 Lower Boxley Road/Well Road

18 September, 2020

This is to let you know that, as part of the on-going maintenance and improvement of the highway network, Kent County Council will be resurfacing B2012 Lower Boxley Road/Well Road from Staceys Street to beyond the Wheeler Street crossroads. read more

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