Dorothy Lucy

Kent County Councillor for Maidstone South, Brian Clark has highlighted the plight of residents at the Dorothy Lucy Centre who have received little in the way of reassurance that suitable alternative provision will be provided should the centre close.

This is despite the assurances given to Cllr Clark by the Cabinet Member for Adult Social Services at the full council meeting of 22nd October 2015 that residents and day visitors would continue to receive high quality care at suitable alternative locations.

Cllr Clark stated, "I have spoken with a number of residents, all of which are very concerned about alternative provision. There is a strong feeling that alternatives will be offered outside of Maidstone which is just not a viable option for residents."

With reference to the condition of the buildings and their suitability for purpose outlined by KCC as part of the consultation, Cllr Clark stated, "The centre received a glowing report from the Care Quality Commission just two years ago. There was no mention in the report of the lack of en-suite facilities, a major concern given by KCC. Residents who have spoken to me feel the lack of such provision is of little concern and believe that the current facilities offered are excellent."

"Keeping the centre open will safeguard 75 jobs in the local area and ensure we have a good provision for respite care day services in South Maidstone at a time when demand for such provision is rising. I object to this proposal and urge the public to get involved and make their feelings known by taking part in the consultation, which ends on 28th November."opposition to closure of Dorothy Lucy Centre.