Developments in Allington

News on the planned developments in Allington.

The biggest scheme is the building of up to 500 dwellings on the ‘reservoir field’ behind Howard Drive. This scheme, which includes affordable homes, land for a school and a community centre, and the provision of open space and children’s play areas, was turned down by the Borough Council. The developer (Croudace) appealed against this decision and, after a Public Inquiry held last June, their appeals were allowed. Work is for the moment stalled while geological surveying is carried out. Talks will take place concerning the use of the ‘hospital field’ on the south side of the woodland. Your Councillors will do all they can to make sure that the ancient Bluebell Wood is protected from development.

There is however much better news from the Bridge Nursery Site. Work is well under way on this site, which will provide 140 housing units. The developer has ceded a strip of land (which is in Tonbridge & Malling) to Maidstone Borough Council to protect it from development and to allow the establishment of the nature reserve we have always wanted. All the reptiles have been transferred and all the trees will be retained to help to protect the birdlife. Once the development has been completed, the land will again be open to walkers.