Derek Mortimer


Derek Mortimer

South Ward

Address C/o Maidstone Borough Council,
Maidstone House,
ME15 6QJ
Phone 07825 916930
E-Mail [email protected]



I became a borough councillor after serving on Tovil Parish Council which gave me the appetite to broaden my horizons. I have been involved in numerous planning applications with a view to getting a better standard of development in and around South Ward.

I have been successful with the assistance of my fellow ward councillors Paul Wilby and Brian Clark with the creation and improvements of many play areas, footpaths, open spaces and nature reserves. Having achieved a number of goals this gives me greater strength to apply these past achievements into better things for the future.

I have sat on a number of MBC committees and have been the chairman of Communities Housing and Environment for the past three years which again has broadened my scope to help our communities across the whole of the Borough.


Campaigns and Interests

Campaigning, lobbying and representing residents against the threat of 200 plus homes being built on the NLL school playing fields in Boughton Lane Loose. After initially petitioning approximately 2000 residents and presenting the petition to the council followed by a two year period of campaigning which resulted in the plans being rejected by a government inspector at a public hearing.

Pushing for better air quality across the town area has been a challenge. The high street area is now a much cleaner environment as the majority of buses on this route are now compliant to modern standards. After proposing a consultation study into alleviating poor air quality in Upper Stone Street through my committee, work to improve traffic flow will be implemented soon which in turn will reduce harmful emissions.

Winning a funding round to improve a local play area in Tovil was another challenge. The old play area was tired and run done so I applied for a government grant over a two year staged application period. I was successful, however, within a few months, the government had decided to cut the grant in half. This then threatened the scheme so I then applied to the council for a top-up fund which I’m pleased to say was successful. We now have an extensive play facility for local children with numerous types of equipment in a woodland setting. I have campaigned and supported many play area improvements as I see these a vital part of the councils offer to improve the health and wellbeing of our children.

Campaigning, assisting and introducing the North Loose Residents Association to Neighbourhood Planning. The NLRA did not have a formal ‘say’ on planning applications although they represented a large number of residents in their area. Since the adoption of their own Neighbourhood Plan into council policy, they now have much greater local power and policies in place to direct and influence all planning applications.

I will continue to fight to protect and enhance our green spaces against the threat of continuous pressure from the governments new housing targets and planning policy changes for Maidstone which currently forces unwanted and unneeded development into unsustainable areas of my ward and across the Borough.

Continue to represent our communities with a view to improving quality of life especially in some of our most deprived areas in terms of appropriate family housing.

Support the councils' homelessness policies through a prevention and intervention programme, so no one is left on the streets for whatever reason. Which is supported by the continuing provision of temporary accommodation and building our own properties to alleviate the countries housing crisis.
Improving air quality across the Borough by through education and green policies plus supporting a major tree-planting initiative both in urban and rural areas. Improving the public transport offer post-Covid, encouraging cycling and walking to work and school.




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