Council team help speed up hospital discharges

A housing team within Maidstone Borough Council has seen a 22% increase this year in the number of patients discharged early from the hospital due to their hard work.

The ‘Helping You Home’ team was set up in 2017 to support the Integrated Discharge Team at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust to address the ‘bed blocking’ situation in hospitals where patients were unable to go home due to issues with safety or adjustments needed in their homes.


Derek Mortimer, Liberal Democrat Councillor Maidstone South ward and chairman of the Communities, Housing and the Environment Committee said: "From a standing start 3 years ago the team have become a vital part of the process of getting people home from hospital quickly and safely, working in a close partnership with the discharge teams at Maidstone and Pembury Hospitals and with key agencies. As these partnerships have developed many people have also been given the support needed to remain in their homes and avoid going into hospital at all"  

"This work to free up hospital beds has been particularly valuable during the current Pandemic which has seen increased numbers needing hospital beds."


During the last year, 618 Maidstone residents have left hospital earlier than they would have or a hospital admission has been avoided, thanks to the dedication and joint working of the housing and hospital teams and contractors ‘Involve Kent’ and ‘Wynsdale Waste Management’.