Buy the party a pint

We’re not actually asking you to buy any of us a pint.  All of the time officers and volunteers put in is happily given for free even though if paid it would amount to hundreds of pounds a week. 

What we would like is for you to occasionally donate £5, the equivalent of a pint of beer in many pubs, to help with campaigning. 

£5 may not sound a lot, but for £5 we can:

  • Get in front of 1,000 voters on social media
  • Print 200 A4 black and white street letters
  • Print 80 A4 colour focus leaflets

We give our time for free, but campaigning and materials cost. 

So next time you’re out and deservedly letting your hair down, please consider having one less, avoid the hangover in the morning, and buy us a 'pint'.

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