British Farmers Sold Down the River - Lib Dem's fears confirmed

Writing in 'The House' on 27th May, regarding the proposed Trade Deal with Australia, Tim Farron the Lib Dem Environment spokesperson slated the government when he said " So often we see conservative MPs and ministers take to social media to tell us how much they love British Farming and how they think it's the best in the world.  But their plans for a free trade deal with Australia show that when push comes to shove they seem to have no problem whatsoever with throwing British Farmers under the bus."

Now Lib Dem's worst fears have been realised.  The Government's own Impact Assessment confirms that the trade deal the Tories recently signed with Australia will disadvantage farmers estimating that British agriculture, fishing and forestry industries will take a £94 million hit.  Now farmers are expected to take a further hit in the trade deal with New Zealand. 


Tim Farron says, "Boris Johnson has sold farmers down the river to make a quick buck in a misguided trade deal with Australia."


We ask on behalf of our Maidstone community "What is to stop the Tories now doing further deals which will similarly disadvantage our farmers?"


As a note we could refer readers to the Early Day motion EDM203 which was tabled on 15/6/2021 signed across political party members but without a single Tory signatory.   Where are our two Helens in all of this?