Waitrose pulls out of new development in Maidstone

Waitrose have withdrawn their proposal to build a new store on the Eclipse Park site in Maidstone at J7 of the M20 which had already been given planning permission.

The company have advised that in the present financial climate they will be concentrating on improving existing stores, which could be good news for their current store at Allington.

Ian Chittenden, Liberal Democrat County Councillor for Maidstone North East Division, said: "This is a great pity. The proposal to build a new Waitrose on Eclipse Park led indirectly to the closure of the Sittingbourne Road Park and Ride.

The majority of larger applications locally usually raise many objections due to concerns over traffic congestion and air pollution. However, the Waitrose application, which would have created 200 jobs locally, was extremely popular and well supported by councillors and especially by local residents who will be disappointed”.

We do understand that the developer Gallagher have now been approached by a number of other retailers”.


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