Vince Cable elected as new Liberal Democrat leader

In the aftermath of the 2017 general election Tim Farron stood down as Leader of the Liberal Democrats. This triggered the process for a leadership election, for which nominations closed on the 14th of July with all MPs eligible. Vince Cable, the former Business Secretary and recently re-elected MP for Twickenham, was the only candidate to be nominated.

Announcing this, party president Baroness Sal Brinton said: “Vince Cable has been the leading candidate throughout and has been unanimously supported by our MPs and has had a strong backing from the wider party membership.

As no other candidate has been nominated at the close of nominations then I am delighted to announce that Vince Cable is the new leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Our new leader inherits a party that is in excellent health.

Under the fantastic stewardship of Tim Farron our membership is at an all-time high and not only do we have our most diverse group of MPs but we have grown by 50% in the last election.

With the significant challenges that our country faces the need for the Liberal Democrats is bigger than ever and the election of Vince marks a new point.”

Commenting on his priorities for the leadership, Vince Cable said: “I want to lead the Liberal Democrats because I am ambitious about our future.

I believe we are the only party that can represent the millions of liberal-minded people alarmed by the direction this country is taking: people, whether they voted remain or leave, who hate the intolerance, xenophobia and division that the Brexit vote unleashed.

I want the Liberal Democrats to be at the centre of political life: a credible, effective party of national and local government, and a voice of sanity on Europe.

To achieve this, we will have to fight for every vote and every seat. It can be done: we have a record membership and the enormous energy that thousands of new members have brought to the party.

I believe I have the ability to give that energy a lead, to hit the headlines and to put our party at the centre of political debate.”

We look forward to working with Vince to achieve the very best for Maidstone and the UK as a whole.

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