Proposal to Close Exit from Cranbourne Avenue Withdrawn

Lib Dem County Councillor for Maidstone South, Brian Clark, attended the meeting of the Borough Council's Strategic Planning Committee to oppose the controversial proposal to close off the junction of Cranbourne Avenue with Loose Road.

This proposal put forward originally by Kent Highways has proven highly unpopular with local residents, as demonstrated in a recent residents’ survey submitted by Brian.

As a result of this intervention the Committee agreed to a proposal put forward by Lib Dem members including South Ward Councillor, Derek Mortimer, to remove the closure of the junction to traffic exiting Cranbourne Avenue from the list of junction "improvements" proposed in the emerging Integrated Transport Strategy for Maidstone.

Brian said "I think the effect of such a closure on residents from both South Ward and Shepway North Ward was underestimated and the decision of the Borough Council's committee to remove the Cranbourne Avenue junction closure from Maidstone's Integrated Transport Strategy is a great result.

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