Local Election Results Nationally

We have a really strong story to tell about the progress we have made today - gaining on vote share and topping the polls in lots of seats that we can gain in June.

As we're looking at the local election results coming in, there are two clear stories emerging.

First is a message of hope. Our projected national vote share is up 7% - the largest vote increase of any party. In many parts of the UK, the Lib Dems won more councillors and took a big step to winning on 8th June. While Labour and UKIP have been swept aside, we are still standing strong.

The second story is about the Conservatives. They have had a good day. They turned this local election into a national one changing the dynamic of the election. They won over most of the people that voted UKIP in the past. Some Lib Dems lost their seats to this - even though our vote went up. Our thoughts are with our candidates and campaigners in those areas.

When the dust settles at the end of the day, the scene will be set for the General Election. On one side will be the Conservatives, their plans for a damaging, dangerous Brexit and heartless cuts to our schools and NHS, which will only be made worse by a large majority and our communities taken for granted.

The other side is the Liberal Democrats. We offer a path of hope for a Britain. We need a different approach to Europe, we must invest in our NHS and ensure every child can go to a good school.

We have a message of hope to fight their message of fear. Together we can change Britain's future.

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