Liberal Democrats start the year with a bang

Lib Dems stun Labour in Sunderland and trounce the Conservatives in

Three Bridges, Hertfordshire with massive by election gains

For many people 2016 will always be defined by the devastating referendum vote. But in elections throughout the country the Liberal Democrats put together a remarkable string of successes. People across the country voted to reject a politics of fear and division and instead voted for hard working Liberal Democrat Councillors who represent the united, open and tolerant Britain we live in.


Lib Dems gained a net 44 council* seats in last May’s elections; the Conservatives lost 46 seats and Labour lost 23 seats.

Over the course of the year, Lib Dems gained a net 28 seats in principal local authority* by elections with an astonishing surge between May and December producing a net 24 gains.

In October the Lib Dems halved the Tory majority in Witney, the parliamentary seat of former Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Then in December Sarah Olney capped off a brilliant year of Lib Dem by election successes by winning the Richmond Park parliamentary seat off former Tory, Zac Goldsmith.

Already in 2017, Lib Dems have won a pulled off an astonishing victory in Sunderland, one of Labour’s traditional heartlands, and another by election gain from the Tories has secured control of Three Rivers District Council in Hertfordshire.

Here in Maidstone we are preparing for the County Council elections in May. If you’ve had enough of Tory disregard for the real needs of our society and you’re worried about Mrs. May’s hard Brexit, or if you are fed up with Labour’s infighting and indifference to the electorate, now is the time to support someone that will work hard for you and your community all year round - your local Liberal Democrat candidate.

Better still, why not join the tens of thousands of people who have become Liberal Democrat members in the past year? It’s very simple, just click here.

* county councils, unitary authorities, borough and district councils

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