Hermitage Lane

HERMITAGE LANE SOS: action needed now!

The B2246, Hermitage Lane, is a vital artery for residents and is the sole access route to the Maidstone Hospital. The capacity of the road is already under severe pressure and the situation will deteriorate as further planned housing is completed. Local residents, passing motorists and hospital users have had to put up with an unrelenting sequence of road works in Hermitage Lane causing unacceptable congestion and delays.

We therefore call upon Kent Highways:

1. To declare that the B2246 has now reached its absolute traffic capacity.

2. To do everything within its powers to minimise the disruption caused by road works in B2246 and the surrounding area.

3. To classify the B2246 as a high priority route and include it in the Kent Lane Rental Scheme with immediate effect.*

4. To carry out an urgent Air Quality investigation for both noxious fume and particulate levels along Hermitage Lane.


*For details of the Kent Lane Rental Scheme (KLRS) please go to the KCC website, www.kent.gov.uk, and enter KLRS in the search bar. Briefly, KLRS charges a daily rate to companies working on specific roads during busy periods

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