Fant Farm Update

A message from our team in Fant regarding Fant Farm.

Dear Resident,

RE: Fant Farm

I am sending this email to let you know straight away that, despite the overwhelming opposition to their proposals from the local community, Gleesons have submitted an appeal against the decision of the Borough Council’s Planning Committee to refuse permission for housing at Fant Farm. This has obviously been timed so that it will sneak through the system before the Borough Council can formally submit its new Local Plan, which opposes development in this area. Appeal documents can be viewed on the MBC Planning portal, Ref: 15/509962.

The appeal will be heard by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State. I and the rest of the local Liberal Democrat team will be making vigorous representations against the development to the appeal hearing and we hope that as many residents as possible will also make their views known.

Once I have details of how to make representations I will circulate them.

This is going to be another tough fight!

Best wishes,

Rosaline Janko

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