‘All Change’ on the Bridge!

Bridge Gyratory Scheme needs stronger protection from potential gridlock.

KCC will this year be going ahead with their scheme to alter the gyratory system over the River Medway. Your County Councillors, Dan Daley and Rob Bird, whilst applauding the Highway Authority’s attempt to improve the efficiency of the Maidstone bridge gyratory (by adding two lanes which will allow northbound traffic to travel directly from Bishops Way to Fairmeadow) have identified a weakness in the scheme. “Everything will depend on the yellow box junctions North and South of the gyratory being kept clear at all times. Failure to do this will result in immediate blocking, followed by gridlock of the whole gyratory” says Dan. Officers have been alerted and are being urged to seek Government agreement to allow cameras and enforcement powers, as is the case in Greater London. No such power exists for yellow boxes in Maidstone; at the moment. these are advisory only.

Work starts in February with the clearance of shrubbery. Details of the whole scheme, including plans and a time-table, can be found by going to www.kent.gov.uk/maidstonebridges.

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